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Old photos of Janjina


Recognizes your grandfather

Dedicated primarily to those who are no longer with us

  Photo albums - various themes:  

From Family's albums:

  1896 - from the album of Dr. Oskar Hovorka  Zderas   Barović pok. Frano
  Blessing the flag   Bjelovučić
  Croatian Sokol Janjina (society for promotion of “physical culture”)   Bojanović
  Croatian Janjina's Brass band (Jan. used to have its own brass band)   Dežulović Marija i Zdravko - Đan
  Esperanto   Dežulović Tino
  SKOM Domagoj (Catholic youth association)   Glavović; Marija Bezek
  Typical / Authentic moments   Grgurević
      Grkeš Marija
  Picture post-cards and Janjina as it once was   Ivanović Nila i Milan
  Picture post-cards and Drače as it once was   Jasprica - Antunija
  Sv. Roko  (traditional feast-day in Drače)   Jasprica pok. Benjamin
  The sea and the boats   Jasprica - Čučur
  On the islands  (traditional feast-day on islands)    Jasprica - Lanko
      Jasprica pok. Vlaho Mašinac
  Group photos – special occasions/reasons   Kalafatović - Hire
  Group photos   Kalafatović - Matola
  Group photos - school - communion - confirmation   Kalafatović; Selma Jurišić - Miličić
  Group photos of Janjina’s students in various educ. instit.   Kunić pok. Mato
      Miletic kap. Milo
  Funerals   Milič - Kalafatović pok. Ivoslav; Mato
  Sewing Courses “Singer”   Milić - Kalafatović pok. Anto
  Excavations of the church St. George   Milić - Kalafatović pok. Hrvoje; Katica
  Iskra (Janjina’s socce/footbal club)   Miškov pok. Mato
  Socialism (pioniri*, “štafete”*, excursions, reconstruc. ,, )    Mratović pok. Nikša
  Snow   Pleho Vice
  Weddings - Wedding feasts   Poluta Antun
  Let’s go swimming   Pekić Vedran
  Fun in or by the water   Prišlić pok. Antun; Blaženka
  Maskarades   Radomiljac Anto
  Feasting/drinking parties   Šegović Tino
  From the Armed Forces   Vlastelica - Piliš; Irena i Vanja
  Outings - 1947   Živkušić - Vuinac
  Bocce (boule)    
  Pre-school   And ... who is who? – Have a look!
  Who might this be? - Our people in the “Americas”   How to recognise your grand-grandfather
  Photos from “Janjina’s Diaspora”    
  Children of the ‘50s and ‘60s   NEW:
  Miscelaneous   First 100 found Janjina's emigrants in

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Discover “Forgotten Janjina” – foreword to the first edition

I felt it's time to realise one of my old ideas, while it's still not too late - while we still have among us some people who are old enough to remember and recognise our grandparents and grand-grandparents.
The idea is to search through photo albums of Janjina's families, and look for the old photos associated with Janjina and its now somewhtat forgotten identity. These photos are usualy “put away” and stored in a škafet* (drawer) of some old bural*, (bureau, chest of draws, dresser) or taken to the attic (potkupe*)- the last stop before the dump.
You know what usually happens with the old photos in all households - after the weddings, deaths, divisions of the family property, moves to another place, generational changes …
I think, if I continue to delay scanning (digitalisation) of the old photographs, I will regret it, just like I regret not remembering (recording) many things that my “olds” have told me. They knew lots of things, but I was not showing too much interest then. I would gladly ask them many questions now, and would listen attentively, but they are gone.

Digitalisation and presentation on the web is probably the most convenient method of making an album like this, for more than one reason. Many of the photographs made about hundred yeas ago are quite small, and therefore require enlargement for the purpose of “forensic” identification of the people. By additional work it is possible to further “sharpen” these images. And of course, there is no need to mention the convenience of being able to access the albums of our grandparents in this manner. Many of the photos are of exceptional quality (e.g. "U Milića"), and I suggest that you view them enlarged.

In today's “civilisation of forgetfulness” - in the time when the media has killed truth and is constantly washing our brains - the 100th anniversary of the founding of “Hrvatski Sokol”*, and the “Croatian Cultural-Educational Society Zvonimir”, have passed (unnoticed) … we can at least try to remember.

This is only the first step in the revealing of “forgotten Janjina”, a pleasure that I want to share with you by giving you this time-saving convenience. I am pleasantly surprised by the abundance of photographic heritage that our older generations have left us. These photographs really speak for themselves, witnessing the moments of joy and sadness, recording special moments in the rich history of Janjina.

I am expecting your comments, and I would particularly welcome any corrections. For most of the photos I do not have the time (date/year) when they were made, so I would appreciate if you could provide me with this information (usualy recorded there at the back of the photo), and if you could also tell me the occasion at which the photo was made. If the owner(s) of any of the photographs decide that they no longer wish that any, or all, of their photographs be publicaly exhibitied, I will respect their wishes. Or if the nickname or any comment is deemed unacceptable, unsuitable or offensive, please let me know and I will make the necessary corrections. I do not wish to offend anyone.

I regret not having more time to better present these beautiful photos associated with our dearly departed, and with many important events in Janjina's historical-cultural heritage. But, slowly does it. God willing, I'll continue working on this, this summer.

Having now made this first step in compiling the “Album of Old Photographs”, I wish to thank all who allowed me to scan their old photos. Special thanks to our “grannies”, who, when asked when I could come, answerd something like this: “I have as much time as you need sonny, come whenever you like.” I am grateful to all who contributed in indentifying the persons shown on the photos (particularly to teta (“aunty”) Ane Jasprica – Antunija), and all those who helped decipher the events recorded on the photos.

May, 2011






pioniri*  - pioneers - “Tito’s youth”


"štafete”*-.pron. shta-fete, is plural of štafeta-a Tito-era relay, with runners carrying birthday message for the President - “Marshal Tito”


škafet* ,bural*, potkupe* -  italicised words are the words of the local dialect


“Hrvatski Sokol”* -  Croatian Sokol, was a society for promotion of “physical culture“ -  gymnastics, rhythmical exercises, etc. The society existed in the early 1900s.